The Little Things…

There are so many little things that we as parents take for granted. I was reading today on Confessions of a CF Husband another mom had posted a list of the things that she can’t wait for Tricia to experience with their new daughter when they are all able to finally be home together. A list of things that so many parents take for granted. I also checked my friend Amber’s blog and Amber and Eric were able to bring their son Owain home from the hospital a couple of days ago after he spent his first 6-7 weeks in the NICU with CDH, the same defect that our son was born with. PRAISE GOD!

I like to think that because of our own experience with Owen, I don’t take things for granted, but it just isn’t possible. I think that is life, it is when life is in the balance that we are able to treasure even more what we might lose. It is good to be reminded of how precious each moment is and how many would give anything to experience those little things that we are blessed to experience every day.

In honor of both of them here is a list of the fun (and not so “fun”) of motherhood, none of which should ever be taken for granted:

-The screaming one-year old pulling at your pant legs and yelling “Ma Ma, Ma Ma!!” over and over again

-Having your daughter say “Momma, you made such a delicious dinner” shortly followed by “this tastes gross to me!”

-Explaining for the one-hundredth time when you get up in the morning, “no, it isn’t tomorrow, now it is today”

-Cuddling your baby at bedtime and “spoiling” him because you just can’t put him down now that you are finally able to hold him!

-Hearing your child sing and “read” stories to your baby to calm him down when they are going to sleep at night and hearing her say “it’s alright, I’m here”

-Cleaning wee-wee out of your daughter’s hair after she slips and falls while running to the bathroom after she already had the accident on the hardwood floor.

-Not being able to go to the bathroom by yourself until your children are…Oh wait, I have no idea! I haven’t gotten there yet…

-Hearing your daughter say to your husband “Daddy, let’s dance, I need to practice my dancing.”

-Watching your two year-old try to pick up an entire litter of kittens at one time using whatever “handles” are available, legs, tails, ears, heads…

-Being told “I was lonesome for you” when all you did was walk to the mailbox


6 responses to “The Little Things…”

  1. schlabachclan says :

    Love it!
    I will never take my children or each day for granted! They truly are special blessings sent from God.

  2. Jean says :

    Love it!
    I have learned since Luke never, ever, ever to take anything about my kids for granted.
    I would love to be able to experience all those motherhood truths again even after 8x kids

    ps-about the bathroom one—-my oldest being 20 and the youngest being 6, never has happened yet, someone is always still banging on the door wondering where I am and why I am alone in there—–

    Cherish each and every moment!


  3. grandma ruby says :

    Another thing I never take for granted is what wonderful parents my grandchildren have. I better stop reading your blog at work cause you made me tear up again!!!!

  4. ittybittyblog says :

    You caught me by surprise and made me tear up too!
    Thank you Claire!

  5. Fer says :

    You made me tear as well, specially now after Juan Pablo was just released from the hospital. I never take anything for granted and I really loved this post. Thank you Darcy!

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