What Owen Will/Won’t Eat

What Owen Will Eat (or put in his mouth):
This is not a list of what we feed him, rather what he will willingly put in his mouth and scream about when it is removed.

Danny’s slippers
Grace’s snotty kleenexes
clean kleenexes
his weight in crackers
Grace’s shoes
electrical cords
the edge of the coffee table
pistachio nut shells
hairballs/dust bunnies
sweet potatoes
Lincoln logs
wrapping paper

What Owen Won’t Eat:
This is what I have tried to feed him but he gags and pulls it out of his mouth…

rice cereal
banana bread
homemade apple or pear baby food

5 responses to “What Owen Will/Won’t Eat”

  1. schlabachclan says :

    He could actually be part bunny! That’s the same list I would write out for Buster. Hmm…..

  2. ittybittyblog says :

    Ok, that is too funny:)

  3. Fer says :


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