Grandma Ruby’s B-day Card

Tuesday was Grandma Ruby’s birthday (Danny’s mom). Grace wanted to make her a card. She had a rectangular piece of green foam and cut fringe around it, it was a crocodile (or alligator) card with teeth. So Grandma Ruby would know who it was from, she wrote 4 backwards “Gs”, two “Ds” and an “O”.

While she was working on the card I went into the other room. When I came back there were two circles with smaller colored-in circles inside them. I asked if they were eyes.

Grace: “No, those are it’s privacies.”

Danny and I turned around and walked out of the room so she wouldn’t see us laugh.

I walked back in and told her that while the picture was done well, it wasn’t appropriate to draw privacies (aka- boobs, breasts) on birthday cards.

Grace: “Why not Mommy?”

Me: “Well, because they are private.”

She starts coloring over the circles.

Grace: “There, I put a shirt on them.”


Don’t worry, the circles you see above the “shirt” are eyes with eyebrows and eyelashes. I wouldn’t put anything inappropriate on my blog…


3 responses to “Grandma Ruby’s B-day Card”

  1. Allison says :

    I am rolling with laughter! Thanks the belly laugh! Love you and miss you guys!

  2. Fer says :

    OMG LOL I just want to meet Grace!

  3. Anna says :

    LOL!!!!!! That is hilarious.

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