Grace Calling Bobcat

2/26/08- OK, I fixed the video, it should work now, please let me know if you have trouble viewing it…

I wanted to add a couple of videos of the kiddos and I found this old one of Grace and I thought I would use it as my trial run.

In this clip Grace is mimicking Danny as he calls and whistles for our cat “Bobcat.” Grace is about 16-17 months old in this video.


4 responses to “Grace Calling Bobcat”

  1. Fer says :

    Don’t you adore how sweet and cute kids are when they are that age? And how innocent, everything amuses (sp?) them!

  2. kaeley says :

    so…did he ever come? šŸ˜‰

  3. ittybittyblog says :

    No…at least not that time…

  4. schlabachclan says :

    Okay, that was so sweet!

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