Belated Christmas Craft Post

I did several crafts way back in December for Christmas and never got around to posting pictures of them…Oops…

My sister, Grace and I made candles to give as presents. I found this really neat idea on Martha Stewart to use teacups to put the candles in. They actually turned out really well…

The melting wax


The cups with the waxed poured in and bamboo skewers holding up the wicks


The finished product



My next project was coasters with pictures of Grace and Owen. I found sets of glass coasters on a wedding website that you can get as party favors and then I ordered multiple prints of several pictures and then assembled and glued with Christmas ribbon.




2 responses to “Belated Christmas Craft Post”

  1. schlabachclan says :

    Seriously creative! Love it.
    Now I really wish we lived closer because I would make you sell your teacups to me!! So cute. And when do you find the time????

  2. Fer says :

    Very nice! I loved the idea of the teacups.

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