Today’s Special- The Annie and Ruby


Grace is a very picky eater. She eats the same things every day. Cheerios and milk, a Bob and May (peanut butter and honey) and then whatever snacks and dinner we can get her to eat.

Imagine my surprise at the new lunch menu item she came up with…

She wanted peanut butter on her bread, ok, normal so far, cut, not folded over, and peanut butter on both sides (yes, she gets this specific). And ham next to it.

Ok, this was a little odd…

When I brought it to her on the plate she said “no, no, the bread, then peanut butter, then ham, then bread and peanut butter again…”

Me: “You want the ham ON your peanut butter sandwich?!?!”

Grace: “Yes.”

I told her this was a new kind of sandwich and she needed to name it (you can read more of her menu items here). She decided on “the Annie and Ruby.” She ate two bites yesterday and said she was full.

Today she asked for another Annie and Ruby. I asked if she was sure and she said yes.

After two bites: “I think that maybe this would be better with honey instead of ham. Maybe I just want a Bob and May.”


2 responses to “Today’s Special- The Annie and Ruby”

  1. Sonya says :

    Sounds like the Annie and Ruby might bite the dust… 🙂

  2. Fer says :


    Grace is just something else 😉

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