Spring is Springing!

It has been so beautiful the last couple of days. Even though it is the middle of February it feels like spring. We tend to have a few days like this before spring, I guess so we don’t get so mad when it rains until then end of June…

The kids and I “visited” the park so our pasty white faces could see the sun. Grace worries that the park gets lonely during the winter so we helped to cheer it up.




These sweet little flowers have been pushing up in our front yard since before the snow.


A friend gave Grace and Owen these springy bowls, Grace is loving them!



I don’t know if it is the nice weather or what, but our house (especially the bathroom) has been inundated by ladybugs. Grace absolutely loves them. She picks them up, carries them around, pets them. We usually have a few ladybugs around, but there are a lot more lately. Back at Christmas, my sister and I found this artist at the holiday market. She has the sweetest pictures with ladybugs, kitties, flowers. All the things that Grace loves. Take a look. They are super springy, and super sweet:)

3 responses to “Spring is Springing!”

  1. Laura says :

    I’ve been so lax in commenting lately. We are praying for Owain!
    I had to comment that the picture of Owen in the swing….not that I’ve been around a whole lot, but that totally looks like Danny!
    Happy spring week!

  2. kaeley says :

    It looks like everyone is over the plague! I wish I was there to join you in the park! Say “hi” to it for me!
    Love you,
    Auntie Kaeley

  3. Lara says :

    Ok – now I have to know where to get those bowls =) They are TOO CUTE!

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