Please Join Me in Praying for Owain…Again

I just checked Amber’s blog and little Owain is having his surgery today if all goes well! Please keep Owain and his family in your prayers today!

Below is a prayer I posted the first day that Owain was scheduled for surgery…

Lord you are the great healer, please hold little Owain in your hands today as he has surgery, give him strength and help him to not feel pain and discomfort. Help him to heal. Help him to be stable. Lord please give strength to Owain’s little lungs, please may they be stronger and bigger than expected. Please help his pulmonary hypertension to resolve itself and not be an issue anymore.

Please comfort his parents and wrap them in your loving arms and give them peace today as well as the strength they need to watch their son go through this surgery and recover from it.

Please give the doctors wisdom and skill as they go in to Owain’s little body and rearrange his organs and put them back in his abdomen. Please be with them as they repair the hole in his diaphragm. Please guide their hands as they heal this little boy.


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