Winter Weather

I have been really slack lately on posting to the blog so I am going to catch up on a few today…

Last Sunday we woke up to beautiful snow! It snows so rarely here so when it does it is such a treat. Grace was so excited she couldn’t control herself. She played in it all day Sunday and then stayed the night with Grandma and Grandpa Ruby and then played again all day Monday because there was no school. She had so much fun. She made a couple of snow people with Daddy, made snow angels and then just walked around making foot prints in the snow. Owen was quite wide-eyed and interested in the snow but didn’t really want to touch it or participate in their reindeer games.

Here are some pics of our couple of days of winter weather.





After a day of melting and rain, our snowman looked like a rather busty snowwoman:)


The weather made Bobcat a little feisty!


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