Katy in Niger (and Ray and Claire too!)

Danny’s Mom and Step-dad have been in Niger, Africa visiting Danny’s sister Katy who is in the Peace Corps. They should be traveling home now. Katy has posted some really nice pictures of their visit on her blog.

What an amazing experience!

We are excited that Katy will be returning home sometime in the late spring.


6 responses to “Katy in Niger (and Ray and Claire too!)”

  1. Laura says :

    So cool! I need to look at Katy’s blog

  2. Carole says :

    Awesome! Wishing her a safe journey home.

  3. hilary says :

    hello. i saw your post on mike cope’s blog in response to copeland and elliot’s stories. in case you haven’t been linked to it already, i wanted to pass on my minister’s blog: ccfb.wordpress.com. his son was born with CDH 1.5 years ago. so thankful to hear owen is doing well! blessings, hilary

  4. Barbara Murphy says :

    Hi, found your blog off CCFB blog… My son is a R-CDH baby, spent 13months in the hospital and, now going on three years old. Love the awareness you are setting for CDH! Thank you.
    http://www.carepages.com – carepage name: johnrmurphy

  5. Fer says :

    WOW Darcy, that is so cool! I wish I could go to Africa, is one of my to do things before I die. Wish her a safe trip home.

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