Goodbye 2007!

2007 has been a year mixed with blessings and challenges for me and my family. On the one hand, I am glad to see this year end, but, on the other hand, the farther away that I get from the lessons learned the more I fear I will forget them. As we are coming up on a year since Owen’s diagnosis and all the little “anniversaries” I find myself reflecting on this experience and how to put it behind me and take from it what I should but not to dwell on the details that don’t constantly need to be relived.

While I would have never chosen to have a critically ill baby, I trusted God more in that journey than I ever have in my life. I couldn’t control the situation so I had to give it all up to God and let him handle it. The blessings that followed are too numerous to count. I think He handled it pretty well☺ Now the challenge is to continue to give God that control (and glory) in every aspect of my life even if it isn’t because I feel totally hopeless but rather because I know He is good and right and just and I will do a better job with Him than I could ever do with out.

As I have mentioned a couple of times, I am doing the Beth Moore Patriarchs Bible Study. It is powerful and of course the timing for me is obviously all God. There have been some amazing lessons in the video part of the series and I wrote down these little gems and hope to remember them, put them into practice and be challenged by them this year. They may or may not be exact quotes so we’ll just assume they are and give Beth the credit…

– Your life was meant to be a great story- great stories aren’t meant to be easy.
– If the Spirit of God isn’t with us in what we are doing, we need to move on.
– He won’t take us from something with out taking us to something.
– Our tests have our names on them. They are intentional towards us, they have a purpose, an end result.
– Our hardest tests involve our dearest loves.
– We will not do what we have been gifted to do because we want to do what we haven’t been gifted to do.
– You’ve got a calling on your life to BE what you want your descendents to become.
– Anything we have to manipulate to get, we rarely get to keep.
– Random to us may be divinely scheduled by God.
– Do we make other people hungry for our God?


2 responses to “Goodbye 2007!”

  1. Carole says :

    I love those points.

    The lessons learned this year will never leave you. They have become part of you and part of your heart.

    Thinking of you.

  2. Laura says :

    You have an amazing testament to share and witness to others with. Owen is such a sweet picture of our special blessings in life.

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