The Giving Wreath

I posted awhile back about what giving traditions Danny and I would like to start to help our children understand giving to others.

I had a couple of ideas and shortly after I started thinking and praying about what to do, God answered my prayers. We were at church and a woman had contacted First Place Family Center here in Eugene to do a Giving Wreath for some of their children. The first Sunday all of the ornaments were taken. We chose one for a little girl about Grace’s age and with a similar wish-list/interests. The next Sunday there were more ornaments and so we took a second one (similar to the first). Grace and I went shopping together and I told her that these girls would probably not be getting presents on Christmas and because we were able to help we were going to get something for them. She of course loved looking at the toys and helped me pick out some clothes. I don’t think she understood, especially since she doesn’t know these little girls, but I think that as years pass it will make more sense to her.

Today at church the woman who organized the Giving Wreath reported back on how everything went. Our church of about 100 (that is including children) was able to provide presents for 31 children. All of the children were provided for, all of them will have a present to open on Christmas! When Sue went to First Place to drop off the presents she said that the teachers from the preschool (which is the age group for most of the kiddos)  came out to help her bring in the presents and she said that they carried presents inside with tears streaming down their cheeks because they were so happy that their kids would have presents on Christmas. I teared up when she told us, and I am tearing up again as I write this.

Even though I will never know these two girls I am so happy that we were able to help them have a better Christmas. I just wish I could be a fly on the wall and watch some of these kiddos as they open their presents!


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