Our Christmas Tree

Last Saturday Danny, Grace, Owen and I drove up to the snow and got our Christmas tree. We stopped at the McKenzie Ranger Station to get our tags and got to see Smokey the Bear. Big surprise, Grace was scared of him…

Grace was thrilled to go play in the snow, Owen, not so much. We still had fun. We had hot cocoas and bob and mays and Grace got to throw snow balls at us. We also picked up a tree for our friends who recently had a baby since they weren’t able to do so.

We decorated it on Sunday and that was lots of fun. Grace was super excited. Danny and I were excited because we were finally able to put up our snowman tree topper. We picked this out our first Christmas in 2002 and this is the first Christmas that we have had a tree with a strong enough top to hold it. Before it was cut the tree was at least 20 fee tall but all the branches had been stripped off of the lower part of the tree. Danny sawed it off from above his head and then we (he) kept trimming it until it fit on the jeep. Since we have 12 foot ceilings we are able to have a nice tall one:)

Here are some pics of the fun:

Owen happy


Grace getting her brother snowy



Grace making a snow angel


Danny pulling back both trees and
Grace going to meet him with her sled


Tired? Cold? Hungry? You name it!


Grace using the “Daddy potty”,
notice the heater to keep her butt warm:)


The tree topper


When we were almost done decorating I found this cluster of ornaments that Grace had put on the tree. Apparently she found a really good, strong branch:)pc090054.jpg


3 responses to “Our Christmas Tree”

  1. Fer says :

    Gorgeous pictures! But I want to see one of the whole xmas tree 🙂

  2. ittybittyblog says :

    That’s funny, when I was posting these I realized I had forgotten to take one and Danny took the camera with him today. I’ll add one soon.

  3. Sonya says :

    Thanks for the tree! I finally got some lights on it today! Woohoo! Maybe we’ll put ornaments on it tomorrow, since J will be home (finally!) from work.

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