Chompy Chomp Chomp Chomp

My sister has a friend that had a set of twins the month before Owen was born. One is a girl and one is a boy. Awhile back she wrote a post on her blog about how different her two were when they were eating cheerios. Her post just cracked me up because the differences in her children are just like those in mine. I am just seeing it 3 years apart.

When Grace was younger she would (and still does) eat her food so daintily. She picks it up neatly and puts it in her mouth. She wouldn’t use her fingers to eat her food. Danny’s mom would have to actually stick her hands in stuff to get her messy. I am sure she was using a spoon and fork by the age of 1 because she didn’t want to get her fingers dirty. Just this morning when she was eating pancakes with syrup she asked me to get her a wet rag “and leave it” beside her so that she can keep using it to clean herself up if she gets sticky.

Owen is a totally different story. He will grab fist fulls of food and try to shove all of it in his mouth at the same time. He chews whether he got anything in there or not. He will have all sorts of food up to his elbows and up to his forehead. He doesn’t usually wear a bib because he will try to eat that too and just make more of a mess.

It’s so funny to me the difference in how boys and girls approach so many things. I know there are more discoveries to come as Owen is already eyeing the outlets…






5 responses to “Chompy Chomp Chomp Chomp”

  1. Fer says :

    Ana is like Grace too, she hates getting messy! I can’t wait to see how Juan Pablo is going to be!

  2. Sonya says :

    Hmmm… Shades of things to come. Considering that my husband refused to use utensils even when he was two years old, we may have a fight on our hands! Of course, my husband wouldn’t mind avoiding utensils even now…

  3. Laura says :

    Since I just have the boys to compare….all I can add is: though food will be shoveled by the handful and talking will spew it out at the same time. You have to watch out for those pesky sticks and rocks that seem to make their way onto the plate as they empty their pockets with one hand (hiding under the table!)

  4. Val says :

    Hi Darcy! This post made me laugh, and I had to share a new discovery. Sam also refuses to wear a bib, pulls it off constantly or tries to eat it, and then a friend told me about these smock-like bibs at Ikea. Do you have an Ikea nearby? If so, I highly recommend these bibs. They have little sleeves and everything, so there is complete coverage and Sam can’t pull them off. Meals were SUCH a mess with Sam (he loves to smear the food all over himself too)- now we take off the smock afterwards and voila! he’s clean! (except the food in the hair…) I just had to share since these bibs have made my life so much easier:)

  5. Val says :

    Because I’m terrible at describing things, I found a link!:

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