Ouch, she’s brutal!

If you haven’t already read my posts about Poor Mel and My Tough Day, the background will help with this post…

About two weeks ago Grace walked past the bookshelf where Mel (the fish) usually lives and asked where he was. I told her Mel was gone and she just looked at me.

Danny hollered from the other room, “Mel’s dead, Grace!”
That was pretty much all that was said and she hasn’t mentioned it again until today.

Grace: “Mom, do you want to feed the fish?”
Me: “Do you remember that we don’t have Mel anymore?”
Grace: “No, I don’t remember, did Mel get run over by a car?”
Me: “No, why do you ask that?
Grace: “Well, I just don’t remember what happened to that fish.”
Me: “Well, remember we told you a while ago that he died?”
Grace: “No, I just remember when you ran over that dog with the jeep.”

Wow, straight through the heart…


One response to “Ouch, she’s brutal!”

  1. Laura says :

    You better watch out Darcy…she’s going to be the one to comment on the gray hairs or those pesky chin hairs we’ll all have when we’re old (or me now) and can’t see them. šŸ™‚
    She’s definitely a keeper!

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