Oh Ducks…#4

OSU our pants are down to you…


It would be so much easier to talk smack about OSU if we had only won the stinkin’ game…Owen is so distraught he can’t even show his face.


6 responses to “Oh Ducks…#4”

  1. Grandma Annie says :

    Distraught though he seems
    He’s still sportin’ the yellow and green!

  2. Laura says :

    Boo on the Beavers!

  3. Carole says :

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAH. That picture is the best! Er…sorry about the game. 🙂

  4. Fer says :

    That pic is so cute!

  5. Sonya says :

    Did you see our new one got in on the action — crying up a storm as soon as the game finished. He was great until the end of the 4th quarter…

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