Cute Conversations

We have some friends that are in the hospital having a baby today and I was talking to Grace about it.

Me: “You know how she has a baby in her belly? Well, they are at the hospital today to get the baby.”
Grace: “Is the baby for us to keep at home with us?”
Me: “No Sweetie, it is their baby that they will take home to their house.”
“Oh…” (that was a disappointed “oh”)
Me: “But we will get to go visit the baby.”
Grace: “Oh…”
Me: “Sorry, Sweetie, we aren’t bringing home another baby, we already have your brother.”
Grace: “Do you know what gold is Momma? Gold is chocolate inside!”

Grace: “Look at Martha Momma, she got a haircut!”

Yes, we know Martha that well…

Grace: “Is today tomorrow?”
Me: “No, today is today.”
Grace: “Today is not today Momma, today is Wednesday!”

Grace is still trying to figure out the concept of tomorrow and why it never gets here…


Grace: “Oh, Sweetie Baby.”
Me: “Do you love your brother?”
Grace: “Yes, and I think I should eat him for lunch!”


2 responses to “Cute Conversations”

  1. Carole says :

    She’s just so adorable. You could totally make a book with all her material!

  2. Fer says :

    I always enjoy reading the conversations between you and Grace 🙂

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