Traditions of Giving

I just read a couple of good articles about giving at the holidays. One is called “The Best Gift of All” which is about a family’s tradition of holiday giving that was inspired by the article “For the Man Who Hated Christmas.” What I learned from these stories is that there is need everywhere, and my job as a parent is to show my children how to give and the importance of it. My own giving will teach them to know how to give and to want to give to others. Giving is a way of honoring my own children and teaching them to honor others. They will learn to incorporate it into their own lives.

In both of these articles a white envelope is placed on the tree with a surprise gift that was given in someone’s honor. I love that idea, although right now I think that Grace would get more out of participating in the giving. I think she is too young to just hear about it, it won’t make the same impact. I haven’t decided yet what we will do but I am thinking about having Grace help pick out some books to give to the pediatric unit at the hospital. My other idea is for her to help make some sort of goodies to take to the Ronald McDonald House for Christmas to help brighten the stay of families that are away from home during the holidays.

I recommend reading the articles, the are very inspiring. I’ll keep you posted on what we end up doing and how Miss Grace responds to it.


3 responses to “Traditions of Giving”

  1. Carole says :

    The goodies for RMH sounds awesome. We do Toys For Tots in memory of Joseph. The kids get to pick out toys that they think another child would love to get for Christmas. They are excited to do it again this year.

  2. Fer says :

    We do that too, I mean Ana picks some toys of her own and we take them to the pediatric Hospital and give them to the people who has no money. I love the way you put in words that Darcy 🙂

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