Turkey Day

We had a very nice Thanksgiving this year. We went to my parent’s on Thanksgiving Day. One of my Dad’s brothers and my Dad’s mom were there and Danny’s mom came too. It was very nice. We were also able to see Danny’s grandparents and his aunt and her partner earlier in the day.

We had Thanksgiving #2 on Friday and saw Danny’s aunt and uncle and cousins and then had more turkey with Danny’s brother, mom, stepdad and stepsister. Nice and relaxing.

Here are a few pics of Grace with her Uncle Bryan. He has just started horseshoeing and was making initials for Grace, she was helping and having the time of her life!


Owen pigged out on mashed potatoes and gravy. Apparently there was enough tryptophan in the gravy to knock him out.


We have so much to be thankful for this year. God has worked many miracles in our lives, some big and some small. We are so blessed and so thankful for His abundance.

My cup runneth over!

2 responses to “Turkey Day”

  1. Fer says :

    I’m glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I think that’s a great tradition and I wish we’d celebrated it here in Mexico, but we don’t. It’s important to say Thank You for all the good things in our lives. Sometimes we just forget about it and that’s too sad…

  2. Fer says :

    Oh, but in the other hand, Ana’s school is bicultural so they did celebrated Thanksgiving there. I posted some pics at my blog 😉

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