Oh Ducks…#3

Well, I have sort of detached from the Ducks to save myself and then I forgot to post our pictures.

As I told you in the last post, Owen just takes these losses so hard…


Luckily by evening he was more his normal happy self, but that may be because the Duck men won the basketball game! So actually this is a GO DUCKS post in disguise!!



3 responses to “Oh Ducks…#3”

  1. Laura says :

    Oh the game was sooo pitiful! We sat at the game, Allison cheering with her duck call, all hoping for a miracle. It never came! 😦

  2. kaeley says :

    I only had to watch it on the espn ticker, I can’t imagine how horrible it would have been in person! You have my sympathy!

  3. Fer says :

    Aww Owen is so cute!

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