Funny Grace Stories

We used to have a little potty chair for Grace but she couldn’t resist the urge to spread her legs and “peak” while she was going to the bathroom and repeatedly made a mess. So, we took it away and she could only use the bathroom if someone was there to put her on the potty seat on the “mommy-potty”. I have been meaning to get a stool for her and we finally got one on Saturday out of the shed. She was so excited to be able to use the potty like a “big girl”.

On Sunday I was on the phone with my sister. Grace needed to go to the bathroom. So Danny told her to go use it by herself. She runs in the bathroom and after a little bit of time she starts screaming. Danny goes to check on her and finds her butt in the toilet and legs sticking up. She was wearing a new dress and it was wet along with her tights, panties and shoes. She was devastated. I asked what happened to her potty seat.

Grace: “It just fell off…”

Me: “It has never fallen off before, how did it fall of this time.”

Grace: “It just did…”

Me: “So maybe the potty seat fell off or you thought you were a big girl and could just sit on the seat and you fell in and got wet?”

Grace: “Yeah, maybe that one, I thought I was a big girl…”


When a Wal-Mart commercial came on t.v.: “Mommy, I don’t like that store.”

Me: “Why not, Sweetie?”

Grace: “Well, I just want to sit in the van when you go in there.”


When I came in to calm Owen down, he had rolled onto his belly and was crying (in his crib):

“Mommy, just flip him over and stick his pacifier back in!”


Grace went and got the dry clothes out of the dryer and says:

“Daddy, here, go hang up your shirt. Mommy, go throw this dryer sheet in the garbage.”

(I am pretty sure I say please when I say these things to her…)


When Owen is fussy I call him a little fussbudget. One day he was being fussy and Grace says “Owen are you a little whinebudget?!?”


A friend’s comment reminded me of another story so this was added late…

Grace has been in to “measuring” so she will take ribbons and measure brother’s feet or arms. Now she has started using a calculator and points it at me and says “Mommy, I am measuring you, you are 50 to 80 to 5.”

Me: “How big is brother?”

Grace: “He’s 40 to 5 years ago.”

She also has a little duck toy from when she was a baby that wraps around her wrist. It is now her watch and when I ask what time is it, she always says “it’s about 30.”


3 responses to “Funny Grace Stories”

  1. Alyce says :


    Those are so cute. Nathan is 3 years old now and has had some similar moments.

    A couple of days ago Terry made chocolate chip cookies and one had a big finger mark in it. Terry asked Nathan again and again, “did you put your finger in the cookie?” And Nathan kept innocently saying “no” (even though you could see the chocolate on his finger).

    I then asked him, “Nathan did you accidentally touch the cookies?” He got a big smile and said, “Yes.” 🙂

    Repeat situation after church. Nathan, your pants look wet, did you tinkle in your pants? “No” he says. Then I ask, Nathan did you accidentally go in your pants. “Yes” 🙂

    Today Nathan was helping me with the laundry and said, “Mama look, my swimming trunks are clean. It took two whiles to get them clean.”

    Anyway, I’ve really been enjoying all of posts about the cute things Grace says.

  2. Fer says :

    I love all the posts about Grace!. They always put a smile on my face 🙂

  3. Carole says :

    Oh my…that’s too cute. I laughed right out loud about the toilet one.

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