Poor Mel


My sister-in-law Katy is in Niger with the Peace Corps. When she left, she gave Grace her fish Mel. Katy had Mel for several years, unless he was Mel #2. Her roommates gave him to her when she was having a tough time so Mel was a special fish. Mel came with a book that Katy had written and illustrated teaching Grace (read Mom and Dad) how to care for him.

Well, when Katy came home on break (one year later) she was standing next to the fish bowl (which was different than the one he came in) and Danny says, “well Mel is still alive.”

Katy’s response: “Who’s Mel?”

Ohhh, straight to the heart…

About a week ago Mel started to take a turn for the worse. I was looking at the bowl and told Grace that Mel didn’t look too good.

Grace’s response: “Who’s Mel?”

Ohhh, straight to the heart…

He was napping a lot at the bottom of the bowl. I cleaned the bowl out and he “revived” a bit over the last week or so. Unfortunately, his naps become more and more extended…(you can see him in the above picture next to the smaller rock…)

So while Grace was having her nap, Mel went away as did his bowl.

She hasn’t even noticed…

Sorry Katy, we did the best we could…


2 responses to “Poor Mel”

  1. grandma ruby says :

    Ahh, so sorry to hear about poor Mel. I too was trying to remember if he was one of Gracies many imaginary friends or someone I knew.
    Well Katy and Grace, with all Mel has been through ( and I know, you wouldn’t believe the stories he shared about college life and the house by the river!!!) I am sure he will have a happy afterlife.
    Grandma (Ruby) Smith

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