The Almost Death of Imaginary Friends

As you know, Grace has many, many imaginary friends. Some better friends than others. Some cats, some people. I wondered what kind of impact starting preschool would have on her imaginary friends. If they would start to fade away.

Well, the other day I was vacuuming, or as Grace says “vacky-rooming” and when I was finished Grace was vacky-rooming with the hose. She likes to vacuum the kitty mess everywhere (of course). Keep in mind this is NOT a typical conversation, well not completely.
Grace: “I am vacky-rooming all the dead kitties.”

Me: “What dead kitties?”

Grace: “Well, all the dead kitties on the floor.”

Me: “What happened to them?”

Grace: “Well, they just died and now I am cleaning them up.”

Me: “But how did they die?”

Grace: “Well, they just ate food, took naps, grew bigger and then they died.”

So, I am thinking she may be talking about Grandma and Grandpa Ruby’s cats that were put down this summer…

Me: “What were their names?”

Grace: “Well, they don’t have names, they’re dead.”

Me: “Did they have names before they died?

Grace: “Yes, Frala, Nala, Lagala, Nurnala.” (These are typical imaginary friend names in Grace-world.)

Me: “Oh, they all died?”

Grace: “Yes, and Jill and Marie died.”

I was shocked, Jill and Marie have been a big part of our lives for a couple of months now.

Me: “Jill and Marie died?!?!”

Grace: “Yes, Mommy, are you sad that they died?”

Me: “Well, yes, but are YOU sad?”

She just looked at me.

Well, later that day (this was Tuesday) we were the store with Grandma Ruby and Marie was resurrected in the yarn section as Grace’s sister. Grandma Ruby wondered if I was making an announcement…NO!

I asked her just now how Jill and Marie were, “Are they alive or are they dead?”

Grace: “They’re alive now, they just die and they’re back, they die and they’re back.”

This may be a long process…


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