Missing Nemo

This evening we were watching “Finding Nemo” with Grace. She is cuddling with Danny and I look over at the end of the movie and she starts crying. Big crocodile tears. I asked her what’s the matter.

She sobs and says through the tears “This one’s a little missin’ Jill and Marie.” (She is still speaking of her self in the third person).

I asked her where they were and why not just have them come over.

Grace: “Well, they just won’t” sniff, sniff

Danny: “Well they are imaginary friends so just make them!”

Grace: “Well, maybe this one’s just a little sad that Nemo is over. Maybe we should watch it again.”



These pics are from this afternoon with the kiddos. To cute. Owen usually looks about as big as Grace but his chair was lower than hers…




3 responses to “Missing Nemo”

  1. literarygirl says :

    I love her imagination!

  2. Sonya says :

    What a great picture of the two of them!

  3. Grandma Annie says :

    Been gone a day and a half and really miss the babies!
    Grandma Annie/Black and white Ruby with the white eye

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