My Daughter is a Pyro and other Anniversary Day Fun

So you know your life has changed in five years when the following make the top three for what excites you on your anniversary (in no particular order, except occurrence of course):

1) You are able to bribe your 3 year-old with salt-water taffy to get her to blow her nose for the first time ever.

2) Your six month old eats squash and actually likes it and doesn’t gag and retch!

3) A wonderful meal of shrimp scampi with only my husband (thanks Grandma and Grandpa Annie for the dinner and Grandma and Grandpa Ruby for watching the rascals…).

-Grace got to have Coburg Market Chicken with Grandpa and Grandpa Ruby for dinner while Danny and I were out. When I asked her what she had she said:

“I had a chicken leg, it had meat on it and a handle!”

-During Grace’s nap time Friday I could hear her turning my bedside light on and off. After a while she hollered at me “my toy is broken.” She comes in and shows me her little Cinderella doll. It looks like she has been chewing on its feet. This would be out of character. So I asked her what happened.

Grace: “Well I was moving her like this on the light.”

Me: “Oh, can you SHOW me what you mean.”

She proceeds to rub Cinderella’s feet back and forth on the light bulb that is ON.

I asked her if she knew it was dangerous- “yes”.

Do you know why? “no”- Ah, let me explain.

It could burn you, the glass could break and cut you, and it could start a fire.

“Oh, yes Momma, there was smoke, see.”

She shows me the burned plastic on the light bulb….Hmmm.

Later in the day, Danny finds her trying to curl a different Cinderella’s hair with my curling iron, off of course.

So either she has it in for Cinderella or she’s a pyro. I’ll let you know which.


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