Kids Say the Darndest Things…

When I was pregnant with Owen, Grace could feel him kick and obviously knew something was going on in there, although the concept was quite confusing. Naturally (this is Grace of course), she would pretend that she had a kitty in her belly. She has a little doctor kit and she would use the stethoscope to listen to the kitty in her belly or the one in my own. She still does this. She also would get her kitty (Kitty Witty) and put lotion on his belly and give him ultrasounds.

So, 6 months later, she has obviously seen the belly now that the baby is out of it… Fast forward to tonight…we were all goofing around on the floor and she says “look I had a kitty in my belly and it stretched my belly button out!”

Well, isn’t that interesting…All I can say is I WILL remember that and in about 30 years from now, when the timing is just right, I WILL remind her of it…


One response to “Kids Say the Darndest Things…”

  1. Carisa says :

    How cute!

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