Grace’s Concept of Time

It is pretty funny to listen to a 3 year old that is trying to understand the concept of time. With starting preschool, Grace is much more concerned about days and time then she has been before. She understands what today is, she calls it “this day” and she understands tomorrow and yesterday. What she is having trouble with is why is it never tomorrow? When something is coming up I explain after nap or after night-nights or after two night-nights. “We’ll go to school again after a nap and one night-night and after you eat your cheerios and milk.”

Grace: “Mommy, does it become tomorrow because I eat cheerios and milk?”

Me: “No, it is tomorrow after you get a good night sleep and it is light out and we don’t put you back in bed again.”

Grace: (This morning) “So Mommy,  is it tomorrow now?”

Me: “No sweetie, it is today, it never actually becomes what we call tomorrow.”

Grace: “Is it not tomorrow because I didn’t have a good night sleep?”

A few weeks ago when we went to visit our neighbors at the lake Grace was so excited to go that she wanted to move everything up so it would happen earlier. She wanted an early nap and early night-nights and then an early breakfast so that we could just go to the lake.

She also is working on her concept of size. Now that she is a big sister everything is about “I can do that because I am a big girl now.” “I like the scary parts in the Lion King because I am bigger now.” She likes cottage cheese now because she is a big girl and will take tylenol now because she is a big girl.

She wants to hold Owen because he is “such a tiny baby.” He is 16 lbs., she is 22. When she asks me if she can hold him she puts her palms out flat and next to each other like she could hold him like a little plate. When we went through all of her little clothes to see what would work for a little boy. She thought it all her clothes got smaller so that they would fit brother.

Well, Owen’s having a fit, so that’s all for this entry…


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