Grace’s World


After Grace was born, I worried that she wouldn’t have much of an imagination. I am not an imaginative or creative person by any means and I feared that I wouldn’t be able to help her find her creative instincts. I have been dumbfounded by the imagination that my child has.

Anyone that is around her much knows that if you call her Grace, her typical response is “I am NOT Grace, I am Orange Kitty!” (Black Kitty, Little Kitty, Little Kitten, High Maintenance, Cinderella). When other little children ask her name, she actually gives one from this list. We have let her run with it, but we do continue to call her Grace and just ask that she be polite when refusing to go by her given name. We will see what beginning preschool does for this.

Grace also gives names to her most frequently eaten foods. They are generally named after cats (ours or the neighbors).

Peanut butter and honey= Bob and May

Peanut butter only= May May (because she is grouchy, Bob adds the sweet)

Peanut butter and jelly= Sam and Pearl

Tuna Fish= Toby and Casper

Yogurt= scones (ok, no explanation for that one)

My parents and Danny’s mom and step dad are named after their dogs. My parents have a dog named Annie, therefore they are Grandma and Grandpa Annie. Danny’s mom and step dad have Ruby, ahhh Grandma and Grandpa Ruby:)

And, to top it all off Grace has some imaginary friends. She used to carry around a block or a lego and call it a kitty or Bobcat (our cat). Now she has actual imaginary friends named Jill and Marie. Jill is a boy. Sometimes they are grownups that are married and they have a baby named Agoula. Sometimes they are babies. Sometimes her imaginary friends pretend to be Zoula and Loula. They have friends named Phil, Tsil, Bill, and Lil. Jill and Marie happen to live on North Gordon Street which in Grace World is the street right behind our house. They moved there after she realized how far away their former home of Idaho was. Luckily the house is empty so no one thinks it odd when we walk by and she gets excited and waves…Well at least no one at THAT house.

Later Today:
Grace just informed me that when Marie (the imaginary friend) goes to preschool that her teachers would probably call her “Marie” but that Marie was going to tell them “No, I am Little Kitty.”


6 responses to “Grace’s World”

  1. Laura says :

    Omi….I think she has enough imagination for the entire State! Wow! I knew she was still referring to herself as a kitty, but had no idea she has formed her own kitty language with food. Very clever!
    My guys currently refer to their legos as pancakes. Maybe they’re hinting at something…

  2. ittybittyblog says :

    Yes, I think they are hinting that Jeff needs to make them pancakes:)

  3. Sonya says :

    HAHAHAHAHA! I didn’t know that she had recently invented imaginary friends who live ‘next door’! Hysterical. I had to share with my co-worker and we’ve been giggling ever since. I need to call you and catch up, it’s been waaaaay too long…

  4. Grandma Annie says :

    Actually, isn’t the fact that Grace is your daughter proof of your “creativity” (with a little help, of course).

  5. Jeremy says :

    Hee hee. You’d definitely be interested in this this interview with psychologist Marjorie Taylor at Daddy Dialectic — she’s an expert on imaginary friends.

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