Owen’s Check-up on 8/6/07


On August 6, Danny and I packed the kids in the car and headed to Portland for Owen’s check-up with his pediatric surgeon. His chest x-ray showed that his right lung is still smaller than normal and that his left lung has grown larger than normal to help compensate. Because his left lung is larger, it has pushed his heart over a bit. The doctor said this should all even out over time and that since children’s lungs grow until they are about 8, he shouldn’t have a problem long term. We don’t have to go back until sometime in December!

Before the appointment we stopped in at the NICU to visit but none of the nurses (that we could remember) or Owen’s doctor were there that day. O’well…

After the appointment we went to visit the Oregon Zoo. Grace wanted to see lions. Unfortunately there weren’t any lions but she did get to see a bobcat, a cougar, and a tiger. She was actually more excited about the bats and petting the snake than she was about the kitties which was a surpise.


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